Sample Beta Reader Questions

Beta Reader Questions

These are some of the beta reader questions I have given my readers in the past. Feel free to use and modify based on your needs!

-Did the opening lines pull you in like a post-holiday designer jeans sale and make you desperate to know more? Why or why not?

-When you first started the book, at what point did you yawn, set it down and start a game of Candy Crush?

-Did it take you too long to figure who the main character is, approximately when and where the story takes place, or the type of story/genre? You know, like the show, LOST.

-Does any part of the story draaaaaaaaaaaaaag?

-Are there parts that you skipped or skimmed to get to “the good part”? It’s okay. You can admit it. Now tell me which ones.

-As you continued reading, at what points did you stop, put the book down and start watching kitten videos on You Tube?

-Were there large info-dumps, particularly with backstory or technical details? Enough with the history of mapmaking already!

-Which part of the story was the best? Was there a sequence that was like french fries and you couldn’t stop eating, I mean reading?

-Which part of the story was the worst and made you think you needed a glass of wine or another cup of coffee just to get through it?

-Are there parts that should be elaborated on, or made more detailed? (Did you want to read more about the vampire’s eyes? … I know you did. Don’t act like you didn’t.)

-Does each scene logically lead into the next? Or were you getting whiplash while sitting still?

-Were the flashbacks and/or dream sequences smoothly integrated to fit into the current scene – or did they seem jammed in, like a the puzzle piece that looks like it fits, but really doesn’t?

The characters
-Do the characters act and react in a realistic manner? Is their dialog believable and consistent? Even for teenagers?

-Could you relate to the main character? Did you feel her pain or excitement? Did you hate (insert villain, annoying relative, or the malfunctioning lap top here) as much as she did?

World building and setting
-Can you see every action clearly in your mind? Did you have to reread any part of the action sequences to fully understand how the human girl slayed the werewolf with just her mind and a box of popsicles?

-Could you visualize the characters? Did you have enough information to imagine them in your head? Hey, stop staring at the sexy one and pay attention.

-Did the setting pull you in and make you want to become a pirate too? Did the descriptions seem vivid and real to you? Where could the setting be enhanced?

The ending
-Was the ending believable and as satisfying as a Snickers?

-Did the story leave any big unanswered questions? If so, which ones? (Please tell my you made it the end)

-Did you notice any discrepancies or inconsistencies in time sequences, places, character details, etc.? This is contemporary romance, there shouldn’t be any time travel or shapeshifting.

-Did you notice any obbvioius, repeating repeating grammatical, spelling, punctuation or capitalization errors?

-Was there a word or phrase that was used so often you wanted to throw the book across the room? Or perhaps at me?

-Where did you feel like you were being hit the foreshadowing hammer? (I know, those hurt)

-Did any part make you think, “Yeah, right!”, “Seriously?”, or “As if…”?


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