Less Wordy Wednesday (Fire up the cauldron)

[Dim the lights]

[Cue spooky Music]

[The fireplace crackles sinisterly]

[I step away from the cauldron and don my witch hat. My all black cat joins me on the rickety rocking chair]

In my spookiest, cackling witch voice: Gather ’round my dearies because October is upon us. It’s time for ghouls and goblins. Time for the things that go bump in the night. And to prepare for the festivities I offer a spectacle of terrifying lawn decor:


First are the homemade tombstones, enough to frighten even the bravest souls. And watch out, there’s a freakish ghoul that roams these parts wearing pajama pants and an olive green winter coat.


Next is the scarecrow that wears my husband’s clothes. Look how lifelike he appears (no I’m talking about the guy with the pumpkin head… the one sitting in the chair). The creature was so lifelike I thought he might make good use of that rake, but alas he just sat there, watching the leaves pile up.

Snow Witch

And lastly, the Snow Witch. No, a Snow Witch is not a real thing. She was magically created from the Halloween snow that fell four years ago. What sets her apart from a snowman is the witch hat on her head and the spiders crawling across her body. If you look closely one of these spiders made a guest appearance as “spider drinking water” in Monday’s post.

[I rise and add oregano to the cauldron (because I’m out of italian seasoning), most certainly annoying the cat that had been in my lap. He casts a vengeful glare before sulking into the other room]

[The spooky music begins to fade]

In my witch voice again: That’s all for this week my dearies. Please stop by next week for more hauntingly scary photos–if you dare! Bwahh ha ha.

Less Wordy Wednesday – First comes love, then comes the house remodel

Six years ago, on September 30th, my boyfriend at the time surprised me with a late morning hike and a new diamond ring. Yes, that was the day my husband and I got engaged. Those of you who read my guest post on Not Pretending (to be sane) will be surprised that I remembered my upcoming anniversary. I’m surprised too. I never remember such things.  I have to keep checking my phone to figure out the date. Maybe it’s the blogging. It keeps me more organized or something.

So I decided to post a couple of pics from that special day:

An amazing view...

An beautiful view…

A super cute marmot witness

A super cute marmot witness…

And a yummy dinner to cap off the day.

And a yummy dinner to cap off the day.

About a month later, we went all crazy and decided to test our relationship, see if we could push it to the brink of imploding. We decided to do something that would take love, commitment, perseverance, and a sense of humor. Something that would require an offensive amount of paint chips and me to wield a sledgehammer.

We plunked down our downpayment and became the proud owners of a dump–a 1950’s foreclosed ranch that needed help. Lots of it. Like strip it to the bones and just start over, help. And since that anniversary is also coming up (see how good I am with the anniversaries all of a sudden), I’m going to start posting pics of our remodel on a monthly basis. Because some of it was kinda crazy, some of it kinda scary and some of it kinda funny. But it all worked out in the end.

Here is a sampler of one of my remodel pics:

This is what our bathroom looked like. We were living there at the time. Hey, at least we had a tub!

This is what our bathroom used to look like. We were living there at the time… Hey, at least we had a tub!

Less Wordy Wednesday – A conversation between seals

Here comes Less Wordy Wednesday! Today I’m featuring a group of critters who popped out of the water to brighten your day. See the captions below to find out what they’re really thinking or saying to each other.

We’ll start with one of my favorites–the seal. These photos were taken in La Jolla, CA and by the number of pics I’ve posted you can tell they weren’t camera shy.

fuzzy seal

Oh, great. Look over there Stella, Bob’s having trouble pulling himself onto the rocks. Am I going to have to help him … AGAIN? Jeez, I just got dry.

climbing seal

I can do this. I can. I just wish everyone would stop staring. It’s the kelp. Yeah, it’s the kelp’s fault. It’s just so slippery. Hey, is Leroy laughing?

laughing seal

Bob, buddy, you’ve gotta hit the gym. Maybe do a few push-ups or something. You’re like a limp fish over there. Even the mollusks are laughing at you.

Another character that was all too happy to pose for the camera, although we were a little fearful, is the Louisiana Alligator.

Scary gator

I’m not hungry, just bored. Lean a little further this way…

Um, this was not taken with a zoom lens. We were in a small boat out in Cajun Country and our guide reassured us that it was too cold for the gators to eat (it was February). Right after that he informed us the gator could be in our boat in seconds if he really wanted to. Very reassuring. I will say he didn’t move at all, I’m not even sure he blinked. Different from the ones we’ve seen kayaking in Georgia and the Carolinas, but that’s a whole other story.

And now, the best for last. They’re not really the prettiest creatures and they’re not really hard to come by. The experience was just so bizarre I had to include it. The carp at The Spillway in Pymatuning State Park, PA.

spillway sign


I love bread. Me too! Especially when it’s devoid of all nutrients! Hey, does anyone up there have Twinkies? Ooh, yeah. Or Cheetos. Those are my favorite.

This is an actual attraction listed in my travel book. People flock here to toss bread to the carp that have found themselves hanging out in the spillway. The carp become so thick that ducks supposedly walk across their backs trying to nab a bite of bread. We did not get to witness this, but it was still somewhat entertaining.

Bread is sold along the highway and even at the local liquor store. From what I understand, a few years back the parks people became concerned with the nutritional deficiencies that could be caused by eating loaves upon loaves of Wonder Bread. They decided to install those pellet machines, where you can by a handful of pellets for a quarter. Well, I guess the people were not having this–they wanted to toss bread and bread alone.

Thanks for checking out my photos!

I’d love to hear what you have to say. Any interesting animal encounters? How about your own caption for the gator or seals? Or leave a comment with anything else that jumps to mind 🙂