Libby’s Post: The Neighborhood Birds Are Talking To Me


Image courtesy longhorndave via Flickr

I was making the bed this morning… yes, I still sleep in a bed. A coffin would be way too creepy and talk about cliché. And I’m pretty sure my husband would suspect something was going on. I’m not quite ready to have the, “honey we need to talk,” talk.

So, I was making the bed as a surprise for Evan. I never usually bother because it’s just going to get all messed up again anyway. But he was so sweet last night; I thought I would at least tidy up a bit before he came home.

Then I did all those annoying things that I guess I will be doing FOR LIKE ETERNITY. I brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, applied anti-aging creams and lotions. Mid slather, I stopped myself. Do I even need these anymore?

facial products

Image courtesy Mainstream via Flickr

I think not! I tossed them all in the trash and then quickly dug them all back out. I should probably check with someone on that first.

I also put my contacts in, cursing the most annoying part of my routine. My eyes went bad in middle school. I’m nearsighted. Or farsighted. I can never keep the two straight. I can’t see far away, whichever that one is. And I guess I never will. So far all this vampire thing has done for me is a little extra strength and instead of just sensing how animals feel, now they’re all yacking away at me all the time!


Image courtesy grendelkahn via Flickr

Just this morning a robin was telling me how much he liked the worms in my backyard, compared to my neighbors. I swear he said that. To me. I don’t know if I’m more surprised by the fact that they are talking to me or by their proficient use of the English language.

Anyway, the reason I was telling you about my morning routine was that today it wasn’t so routine. Just as I was heading to Starbucks to get my grande skinny latte (like I always do), my college tutor showed up (the one from my confession last week). We’d already met on Tuesday and uh, had quite the reunion. But now he was parked in front of my house all skittish and worried. I couldn’t go with him; I had to meet Emme.

So, I promised I’d meet him tomorrow… at the cemetery??


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Less Wordy Wednesday (Fire up the cauldron)

[Dim the lights]

[Cue spooky Music]

[The fireplace crackles sinisterly]

[I step away from the cauldron and don my witch hat. My all black cat joins me on the rickety rocking chair]

In my spookiest, cackling witch voice: Gather ’round my dearies because October is upon us. It’s time for ghouls and goblins. Time for the things that go bump in the night. And to prepare for the festivities I offer a spectacle of terrifying lawn decor:


First are the homemade tombstones, enough to frighten even the bravest souls. And watch out, there’s a freakish ghoul that roams these parts wearing pajama pants and an olive green winter coat.


Next is the scarecrow that wears my husband’s clothes. Look how lifelike he appears (no I’m talking about the guy with the pumpkin head… the one sitting in the chair). The creature was so lifelike I thought he might make good use of that rake, but alas he just sat there, watching the leaves pile up.

Snow Witch

And lastly, the Snow Witch. No, a Snow Witch is not a real thing. She was magically created from the Halloween snow that fell four years ago. What sets her apart from a snowman is the witch hat on her head and the spiders crawling across her body. If you look closely one of these spiders made a guest appearance as “spider drinking water” in Monday’s post.

[I rise and add oregano to the cauldron (because I’m out of italian seasoning), most certainly annoying the cat that had been in my lap. He casts a vengeful glare before sulking into the other room]

[The spooky music begins to fade]

In my witch voice again: That’s all for this week my dearies. Please stop by next week for more hauntingly scary photos–if you dare! Bwahh ha ha.