Am I a kale hating, rifle shooting, former turtle owner?

Do I have a custom made hula hoop?  (photo courtesy of Flare via Flickr)

Do I have a custom made hula hoop?
(photo courtesy of Flare via Flickr)

The sneaky Natalie at Fruit and Family recently posted 25 facts about herself. Twenty of them were true and five of them were made up. She then asked her readers to guess which were the fake “facts” and I will say it was much harder than you would think! Was she really a runner up in Miss World Canada and a nunchuck expert?? I can’t wait to find out.

She also invited me to do the same on my blog, so here are my 25 facts. Can you pick out the five lies?? Leave your best guesses in the comment section below.

1. I hate kale

2. I’ve been married more than once

3. I never wear shorts

4. My first concert was Madonna

5. I had a pet turtle when I was eight

6. I’ve shot a rifle and I’m actually really good

7. In college, I minored in anatomy and neurobiology

8. I’ve intubated a patient

9. I was a cackling witch in a haunted house once

10. But haunted houses actually terrify me, so I don’t go in them anymore

11. Sometimes one of my cats gets sick on the rug, and I just walk by and pretend I don’t see it

12. There was a five year period where I didn’t read any books

13. I’m a Vampire Diaries junkie

14. I dressed as a mermaid for Mardi Gras last year

15. I have a custom made hula hoop

16. If my husband didn’t do laundry, I wouldn’t have clean clothes

17. I’ve had surgery four times

18. And I’m missing quite a few organs: one kidney, one ovary, an appendix and a thyroid

19. My writing has been published in the Denver newspaper

20. I was so afraid of the movie Paranormal Activity that I had trouble sleeping for a year after seeing it

21. I discovered bed bugs in a hotel once

22. I’ve never seen the northern lights

23. My first cat’s name was Slinky Salad Pebbles Flintstone

24. I’ve only played Blackjack once while in Vegas and I won

25.ย I like Katy Perry and Pink. You can make fun of me now…

I will post the answers in a week or so. And anyone out there can join in the fun. Just leave a link to your 25 facts in the comments and we can all guess whether you really swam with sharks or ate five pies in one sitting.

16 thoughts on “Am I a kale hating, rifle shooting, former turtle owner?

    • jennifer Windram says:

      I’ve posted my answers!! Yes, in high school I got to dress as a witch in a haunted house. And yes, I am scared of haunted houses. I went to one that went on forever with a guy chasing you through a corn maze. I thought I was going to die or trample one of my friends.

      Sadly, I’m also kinda messy, so I have put off cleaning up the cat throw up and I really did find beg bugs when I was traveling for work. Luckily I found it right after I checked in. I always search the room before I do anything else and there he was hiding underneath the mattress pad. I checked out immediately!!

        • jennifer Windram says:

          Oh, yes. A lot of the farmers out here found they could make a good deal of money setting up a haunted house and corn maze on their property for halloween. They also have hay rides and pumpkin patches. Not to sound completely out of touch, but do they have corn mazes and haunted houses for Halloween in Australia?

          • M. C. Dulac says:

            I wish they did! Halloween wasn’t that big in Australia when I was a kid. Maybe because we are coming into summer in October, so it’s a bit too bright and sunny for ghosts to be out. Nowadays though the kids get dressed up more and trick and treat – so the only ghouls and goblins I see are about five years old! ๐Ÿ™‚

            Australians’ idea of horror tends to be being stranded out in the middle of the nowhere surrounded by hostile wildlife!

            I was once in a cornfield at night with some friends on our way to see a glow worm cave (that’s a story for another time). There is something spooky about cornfields! We got back safely… just.

            • jennifer Windram says:

              It would be strange to have Halloween in the Spring. And I always thought Christmas must be strange in the summer. The Halloween thing here has become pretty commercial, but it is still lots of fun, especially if you have a lot of kids in your neighborhood. Logan and I don’t have kids, but we still like decorating our house for everyone else to enjoy.

              I’ve never been in a cornfield that wasn’t part of an organized haunted house. I’m sure it was terrifying. And a glow worm cave… I don’t even know what that is.

              • M. C. Dulac says:

                It’s pretty warm all year around, so no olde world ghosts in this part of the world!

                Glow worms are little creatures that generate their own light. I have no idea how or why or where else they live. But they gather in certain caves so if you go to one at night it’s all sparkling like a natural city of lights! ๐Ÿ™‚

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