Better Late Than Never

Hey everyone! Today I am a guest blogger on Not Pretending to Be Sane. Check out my post to see why my hubby and I are late to everything from our engagement to our fifth anniversary. Thanks 🙂



Jodi Lea's Place

A Guest Post by Jennifer Windram

My husband and I can’t be bothered with things like time and dates. We are above them, beyond them and oblivious to them.

It all began with our engagement. My husband planned to propose on an early morning hike, which of course was a surprise to me. Well, hiking in Colorado usually calls for some forethought, some planning. My soon to be fiancé took care of all the details (food, location, gear) but thought nothing of time. We slept in, lingered at breakfast. I was ready to give up the prospect of hiking–it was already past seven in the morning. But he was insistent and we went. We were too late to get good parking, the storms rolled in by the time we reached the top and the day was long gone by the time we descended. Lesson learned we told ourselves. We will…

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2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. fudgeandpoppy says:

    It must be better when neither of you remembers rather that when one of you always forgets. Sadly my brain tends to not forget a hell of a lot of stuff, helps in some situations! Mind you when it comes to being late for things I do get quite paranoid and am often stupidly early. On my wedding day I think I was all ready before everyone else and had to sit and waste time down a country lane and was still early when I arrived at the venue waiting for the guests to arrive!

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