Libby’s post: I’m no longer afraid of bar peanuts

It’s now my second day as a vampire and you’re probably wondering how the rest of my day went yesterday. BORING, is all I can say.

I spent about an hour in front of the mirror trying to get my fangs to come out.

My lips lifted and stretched into a joker-like smile. I pretended to bite the air, then my forearm, and finally a balled up (clean… I think) sock. Then I tried to get my emotions into it. I acted angry, fearsome, and monstrous. Nothing worked. So, I went for hungry. I channeled my early sorority days. You know like when I ate just a cracker for breakfast and lunch, and then had three vodka waters for dinner. Still nothing. I was beginning to think I was on Punked or something. But I’m not really famous. And I don’t know if that show is even on anymore.

So I went out. There’s a small pub within walking distance of my house. When no one was looking, I sprinted and jumped into the air to see if anything happened, like flying or at least a killer long jump. I maybe gained a few inches from my human jumping distance.

dim neighborhood bar

I stayed at the bar a couple of hours and ate from the peanut bowl. Something I never usually did, but I was kind of immortal now, you know.

Soon, the people around me began to smell. It wasn’t just the usual smoky bar filled with sweaty men and chili cheese fries yucky smell. They smelled like food. My kind of food.

I pushed past two whiskey drinking men and searched the parking lot for something to eat. That’s when two things happened.

The first: I scored my first victim, well the first victim I can remember. She was a well-dressed college student leaving the bar drunk and alone. Her drunkenness made it so easy and I’ve always hated girls with naturally long eyelashes.

The second: I discovered my body still needed to pee. The urge came right after I propped the girl against the bar’s back wall. There was a dumpster nearby that I could have squatted behind. Then I remembered that I am a well to do socialite, the wife of an investment banker, the owner of three Fendi handbags.

I walked back home (there was no way I was running in my three inch heels) and went. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was like undead or something. But, still I peed. And it felt pretty much normal. So, there you go, vampires can and do pee.

All right, I’m off to see my friend, Emme. Wish me luck in faking her out. She already has so many crazy things going on her life, the last thing she needs is a vampire friend.

**Why not start the series from the beginning? Click here to read about Libby’s first day as a vampire**


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